Friday, 10 February 2017

All About Me

My name is Jayla. I am 8 years old. I am a student at Point England Primary School in Auckland New Zealand. My favourite thing to do at school is Maths because it is fun. I have 1 brother and no sisters. My family is important to me because they love me. My favourite food is fruit. I like apples. My favourite colour is red. My learning goal is to use capital letters correctly.


  1. HI Jayla
    Beautiful picture I love your blog I can't wait to see some
    new blogs.
    Your Cousin: Lia:)

  2. Hi Jayla I love the photo of maths you did it is cool if you are still nose I can do some more if you whont jest tell me on my site OK.😸😹

  3. And enjoy redding what I jest said and that wrd sais my moms name.😸😹😻