Monday, 10 December 2018

My Dream Job?

I want to be a singer because i like to sing songs and i like to dance when i am sing songs and  i like to  sing girls like you song.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Christmas Block Coordinate Colouring

Letter to my Future Teacher

Year 4/5 Classroom Teacher
Pt England School
New Zealand

Dear Future Teacher,Have you ever teach my cousin monika she is in year 7 this year she is going to be a year 8 next year. And i speak niuean at home to my family. I will be a good student in one of my class. And i will focus on my work and do my maths to. I hope my teacher is nice and cool.and i like playing games with my class.and i love my teachers the best because they do cool stuff with us and we have a funday friday at school.Love From Jayla

Monday, 3 December 2018

Thank You Tip Top

Thank you tip top for the ice pops and strawberry and kiwi fruit and mint that was so yummy your the best and thank you for giving to us and thank you for giving it to Point England school and thank you tip top for giving it to us.

thank you tip top for giving the ice cream to us love from Jayla 

Thursday, 29 November 2018

story Setting Description

Once a upon a time there was cup it lives in a The Haunted House she had booked widows in her house and she had no family around her so she had no food and no cloths he sleep in till the morning.

After that there was  a man that lived at the tranquil beach he  had no friends and no food or cloths to he does not have family around him so he has to say at the tranquil beach he played in tell he went to sleep.

And there was a lady that lived in space she was flooding everywhere around space she had no friends or no food because she was in space that she could not  breathe outside of space she could not get out in till the morning